This month we have two design contest winners: Karine and Tatiana

Karine created a header and landing page for scheduling test drives of the brand new HR-V.

The overall consistency of her design was a very strong part of her creation and is what led to her nomination. In addition, the great use of seasonality really gave us the desire to try out the HR-V, a main objective in this creation.

Finally, the technical elements including the car pointing towards the form to fill and the integration of the background increased the likelihood consumers would proceed with scheduling a test drive.


On Tatiana’s side, she is awarded for her impressive work in designing Facebook applications for Élégance Acura, Granby GM and Hyundai Granby.

A huge part of her work was the research involved in finding appropriate images for each brand. Each of these brands has their own identity, which is reflected perfectly in the Tatiana’s designs.

In addition, Tatiana’s autonomy throughout the project, the dynamism of the images and being able to respect the brand identities demonstrates her above average work leading to her nomination.


Congratulations to both of you for your very great work!


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