With the average Canadian becoming more tech savvy, we are seeing a growing trend of both mobile in Connected TVs; becoming the more common choice for digital TV viewers.

In 2015, Media Technology Monitor Found that 70% of Adults Owned a smartphone, while 51% owned a tablet and 36% owned a connected TV; up from 62%, 42%, and 28% in 2015.  To give us some context, in 2011 we saw that 50% of adults had a smartphone while under 10% had a tablet and 8% a connected TV.

These numbers hold steady across Canada except for Quebec where numbers take a deep with only 57% of Quebecors owning a smartphone, 51% a tablet and 26,8% a connected TV.

As far as demographics goes, the younger the Canadian the more likely they are to own a connected TV ; 34% of millennial  vs. 32% of older adults.

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