Chances are good that you are reading this article on your mobile device. Several studies prove it, most people now use their mobile device when browsing the web. That means that more than one in two potential customers is looking for information using their smartphones. Moreover, this percentage will continue to increase.

No matter the industry, every business is looking for a way to stand out online when converting visitors and directing them to a product or service offered by the company. Grabbing a user’s attention becomes even more important when we are in an industry where all players have the same promotions and marketing tools to work with.

Don’t miss any opportunities

Nearly every single person who visits a website for the first time will not buy anything. More specifically, 96 % of first-time visitors will leave without converting. Moreover, 1 in 2 visitors will visit up to four sites before deciding which product to purchase. Finally, 70 % of users who reach the shopping cart will abandon the buying process at some point.

A fairly new tool is now available to companies who wish to improve sales through various digital channels. That being said, social media remains misunderstood even today by many businesses, whether it be in terms of their promotional effectiveness our their ability to generate leads and sales.

Even companies that use social media as a selling tool often have trouble analyzing their effectiveness. Does social media generation meaningful revenue? The question is valid.

On April 23rd, 2013 Google changed their policy on trademarks and how they handle it. Of all the changes they made to their policy, the most important elements were that Google would no longer prevent advertisers from bidding on third-party trademarks, and that any trademark bidding restrictions previously applicable were voided.