As a business, your website provides information on your products and services and you work very hard to bring readers to your site in the hopes that these visitors ultimately turn into clients. Through search engine optimization and online advertising, you can generate qualified traffic to the various pages of your website, but then what?

Times are changing, and so is the way consumers search and find their information online. In a press release sent out on May 5th, Google confirmed the ongoing transition from computer use to browse the web to the use of mobile devices. In ten countries already, users prefer to use their tablet or phone to do research, and this trend is not about to run out of steam.

For the automotive industry, this new reality has created opportunities but also new challenges. How to capture the attention of potential consumers quickly during the brief moment when he or she chooses to go to the Web from their mobile device?

Hot colours for 2015

Sandra Blondeau
01-04-15 Advertising, Design, Industry News, News
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When it comes time to choose colours for a website, many of us simply fall back on the usual array of blues, reds or greys. The safe approach. The choice that won’t ruffle feathers or make the higher-ups uncomfortable. But you’re not primarily building that website to please the internal team. Your website is created, above all, to tranform potential buyers into new car owners.

It’s only March and I know it’s a little early to be compiling a 2015’s best-of list, but 2014’s latest batch of car ads has been such a good one, I couldn’t help myself. Most are TV ads, but there are plenty of great spots making the rounds on the radio, in print and on the web too.

Here are my favourite car ads from the last few months.

Starting with #5: BMW Rear View

Cute concept, nice execution. An easy way to show how fun having a rear view camera is!