Twitter Tips

Brittany Wroblewski
20-08-15 Articles, Social Media
Online Community Manager 397 views

Twitter, the conversation hub of the web! Fast-paced, to the point, and highly social, Twitter gives you the freedom to express whatever is on your mind at any time of the day to your entire follower base. Awesome right? So then why is your Twitter not seeing very much action? Retweets? Favorites? Anyone there?

Social media is what some would call the “cool kids” on the block! Everyone knows them and everyone wants to be around them! For many, the time spent scrolling through timelines and newsfeeds is probably more than they spend with their own friends and family. So how do you create a strong “friendship” with your followers and fans? Diversification!

As a business, your website provides information on your products and services and you work very hard to bring readers to your site in the hopes that these visitors ultimately turn into clients. Through search engine optimization and online advertising, you can generate qualified traffic to the various pages of your website, but then what?