Tuesday, May 24th, C2 Montreal opened the doors to the 5th edition of the city’s most-attended professional event. Over 3 days, L’Arsenal de Montreal hosted approximately 5,000 professionals from the world over, with its modern industrial interior transformed by the addition of an extensive indoor garden. This urban jungle played on a theme that would return time and again during the conference: the importance of the environment and sustainable resources.

Web design is not dead

Eduardo de Castro
05-11-15 Design
Senior Web Designer 695 views

A few years ago, we talked about the death of the newspaper. Pessimists were predicting its demise in the United States as early as 2017. It seems that these predictions are materializing. Examples include La Presse that recently announced the cancelation of its weekly print edition in favor of further digital development. They are not alone.

September Design Contest Winner

Sandra Blondeau
16-10-15 Design, News, News 360
Senior Graphic Designer 400 views

For the month of September, we are proud to announce that Elizabeth is the winner of our creative contest. She was responsible for dressing up and creating the main banners for the launch of the new Schwab’s Chevrolet, Schwab’s RV World, and Schwab’s Devon Dodge websites. The graphic identity of the project was respected. The colours and the layout of her designs were in line with the overall design of the website that Eduardo, our UI/UX expert, had created.