The biggest challenge of any business in a hyper-competitive market like the automobile industry is undoubtedly customer engagement. Engagement was the topic of conversation this past Wednesday, October 19th at Google’s Montreal offices, where more than 50 dealers took advantage of an exclusive invitation to attend Consultant Auto’s Think Auto conference, in partnership with Google.

Tuesday, May 24th, C2 Montreal opened the doors to the 5th edition of the city’s most-attended professional event. Over 3 days, L’Arsenal de Montreal hosted approximately 5,000 professionals from the world over, with its modern industrial interior transformed by the addition of an extensive indoor garden. This urban jungle played on a theme that would return time and again during the conference: the importance of the environment and sustainable resources.

A fairly new tool is now available to companies who wish to improve sales through various digital channels. That being said, social media remains misunderstood even today by many businesses, whether it be in terms of their promotional effectiveness our their ability to generate leads and sales.

Even companies that use social media as a selling tool often have trouble analyzing their effectiveness. Does social media generation meaningful revenue? The question is valid.

Whether you are on social media because you recognize their importance or because someone you know has forced you to do so, you will sooner or later (usually sooner rather than later), receive a negative comment.

So there it is, this chain of uncomplimentary words about your dealership on your social media business account. The fact that this comment was made on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ has little importance. The problem is that it exists. Now you have to respond as quickly as possible right?