An unplanned meeting after a hockey game sealed the fate of 2 friends: a man of ideation and an action man, each with his own personality and style, yet with absolute confidence in one another’s abilities. Their success story is also the story of 360.Agency’s meteoric rise in the automotive world. Two different backgrounds with one shared objective: to conquer the digital automotive market!

For some time now, I regularly like to offer LinkedIn training sessions for a diverse clientele, in order to shed light on its different uses and to assist those looking to achieve specific business goals. After my presentations for different audiences with varying levels of ease and performance, one thing remains the same: There is always more to learn about LinkedIn!

For a resume to stand out it doesn’t have to be pink. It doesn’t have to be 5 pages long. It doesn’t include your profile picture, date of birth, and nationality. Regardless, recruiters seem to be receiving far too many pink 5-page ‘This is my profile picture and I can do Photoshop’ resumes. If you would like recruiters to read your resume and call you back, keep in mind these simple rules: