So, a couple of weeks ago total panic erupted in the digital marketing world; Google was removing right hand ads. Already marketers were competing heavily for, at most, 10% of click-throughs for any given keyword. With this modification, it basically equated more expensive clicks for less real-estate. But just as Google taketh Google giveth. Enter the new innovation called Expanded Text Ads.

Tuesday, May 24th, C2 Montreal opened the doors to the 5th edition of the city’s most-attended professional event. Over 3 days, L’Arsenal de Montreal hosted approximately 5,000 professionals from the world over, with its modern industrial interior transformed by the addition of an extensive indoor garden. This urban jungle played on a theme that would return time and again during the conference: the importance of the environment and sustainable resources.

The CRM Revolution is Now!

Louis-Yves Cloutier
26-10-15 News, News 360, Strategy
Co-President / Founder 393 views

Since its launch on October 1st, the brand-new CRM PRO 360 is a great success. Hundreds of users have already had the opportunity to try it – all with great satisfaction! The new CRM PRO 360 interface allows for a modular approach that is compatible with different screen sizes, a concept adapted from CRM360, the best tool for managing a business development center (BDC).