September Design Contest Winner

Sandra Blondeau
16-10-15 Design, News, News 360
Senior Graphic Designer 380 views

For the month of September, we are proud to announce that Elizabeth is the winner of our creative contest. She was responsible for dressing up and creating the main banners for the launch of the new Schwab’s Chevrolet, Schwab’s RV World, and Schwab’s Devon Dodge websites. The graphic identity of the project was respected. The colours and the layout of her designs were in line with the overall design of the website that Eduardo, our UI/UX expert, had created.

From September 12 to September 15 was held the Westen Canadian Dealer Summit in Banff. Louis-Yves Cloutier, President, and Harry Saper, Business Development Executive, were at the event to present the products and services offered by Solutions médias 360 and Consultant auto 360 to some dealers from Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Here is a glimpse of their stay in the canadian prairies!image[1]

5 years ago, The Beaucage Groupe was the first client to trust our expertise. During those 5 years, a lot of things have changed, such as the Google logo. Today, we are proud to still count on our first client’s support. Here are two pictures of Marc-Andre, posing to immortalize that big change for our first client.

Times are changing, and so is the way consumers search and find their information online. In a press release sent out on May 5th, Google confirmed the ongoing transition from computer use to browse the web to the use of mobile devices. In ten countries already, users prefer to use their tablet or phone to do research, and this trend is not about to run out of steam.

For the automotive industry, this new reality has created opportunities but also new challenges. How to capture the attention of potential consumers quickly during the brief moment when he or she chooses to go to the Web from their mobile device?