Solutions Médias 360 is proud to announce that in late 2014, we successfully completed Consumer Relation Management (CRM) certification for Nissan and Infiniti Canada.

This certification, obtained in partnership with Shift Digital, confirms our ability to intake, process, manage and transmit leads from manufacturing sources, as well as website updates from Nissan and Infiniti Canada, for our dealership clients in real time via our CRM360 management tool.

Have you ever thought about why you shop at a supermarket? Unless you’re the type to enjoy a full day of wandering from shop to shop, collecting vegetables, cheeses and meats from different specialty shops, when it comes to grocery shopping, your top priority is getting it all done as quickly and as inexpensively as possible in order to get back to the fun stuff.


Louis-Yves Cloutier
23-02-15 Articles, Industry News, News, News 360
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