Social media is what some would call the “cool kids” on the block! Everyone knows them and everyone wants to be around them! For many, the time spent scrolling through timelines and newsfeeds is probably more than they spend with their own friends and family. So how do you create a strong “friendship” with your followers and fans? Diversification!

Whether you are on social media because you recognize their importance or because someone you know has forced you to do so, you will sooner or later (usually sooner rather than later), receive a negative comment.

So there it is, this chain of uncomplimentary words about your dealership on your social media business account. The fact that this comment was made on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ has little importance. The problem is that it exists. Now you have to respond as quickly as possible right?

Are you familiar with the social media rules of conduct? Like in everything, there are indeed rules that must be followed. Social media is fun and it’s a creative way to spread the word about your brand, products or service. It lets you inform your fans and followers on who you are and what you do through content and posts that reflect your overall brand image.

So you just created a social media page, now what? Well, you now need to attract followers and fans and keep them intrigued with your content. Writing content for social media may seem overwhelming as you are faced not only with the challenge of what to say but how to say it as well. Not to worry, creating great content is easier than you think!