Writing for the Web

Brittany Wroblewski
23-12-15 Social Media, Strategy
Online Community Manager 400 views

In today’s digital world, more often than not people turn to the web to find the information that they are looking for. Whether a quick browse through a blog site or a search for the latest trending topics, the web will most likely have the answer you are looking for. If you want to attract readers to your website you’ll need to be sure to adjust your writing so that it works for the web.

Why have a BDC

Jean-Christian Labonté
26-11-15 Strategy
Consulting team leader 507 views

Consumer habits and the vehicle-purchase process evolve with new technologies and from generation to generation. If you want to ensure the sustainability of your dealership or dealer groups, active innovation of effective procedures is necessary. Frequent communication with existing customers, paired with well-defined appointment scheduling procedures will maximize all sales and service opportunities, and will ensure the growth of your dealership. Allow me to walk you through some points that, in the eyes of Consultant Auto 360, give full meaning to a BDC.

BDC: Business Development Center.