louisLouis-Yves Cloutier, Consultant Auto’s president and co-founder, wrapped up the conference by reiterating the importance of a successful purchase experience for every customer, and the need for open and honest dialogue, a major consideration for today’s consumers.

He also reminded the audience that consumer preferences are in a constant state of flux but that change is not something to be intimidated by.



The biggest challenge of any business in a hyper-competitive market like the automobile industry is undoubtedly customer engagement. Engagement was the topic of conversation this past Wednesday, October 19th at Google’s Montreal offices, where more than 50 dealers took advantage of an exclusive invitation to attend Consultant Auto’s Think Auto conference, in partnership with Google.

jeanJean-Philippe Gauthier,  seasoned professional in consumer services and current head of Media Platforms at Google, presented the results of the most recent Think Auto study, which researched the thoughts and actions of over 5,000 Canadians at various stages in their automobile purchasing decision. Known for his cool, self-assured approach,Jean-Philippe Gauthier,   presented the results of the study and also shared with the audience his personal experiences when purchasing a vehicle. “When you think about how we go about buying a car, it’s complicated and often frustrating!” reflected Jean-Philippe Gauthier,  , “But you have access to all of the essential tools to improve every step of the process.

At Consultant Auto 360, we’re always listening to our customers and responding to their desire for high-performance products that are easy to use and tailored to their individual needs. That’s why we’re proud to announce a new addition to CRMPRO 360: a training section designed to educate you about the system’s best practices.