So you just created a social media page, now what? Well, you now need to attract followers and fans and keep them intrigued with your content. Writing content for social media may seem overwhelming as you are faced not only with the challenge of what to say but how to say it as well. Not to worry, creating great content is easier than you think!

For a resume to stand out it doesn’t have to be pink. It doesn’t have to be 5 pages long. It doesn’t include your profile picture, date of birth, and nationality. Regardless, recruiters seem to be receiving far too many pink 5-page ‘This is my profile picture and I can do Photoshop’ resumes. If you would like recruiters to read your resume and call you back, keep in mind these simple rules:

Have you ever thought about why you shop at a supermarket? Unless you’re the type to enjoy a full day of wandering from shop to shop, collecting vegetables, cheeses and meats from different specialty shops, when it comes to grocery shopping, your top priority is getting it all done as quickly and as inexpensively as possible in order to get back to the fun stuff.