Louis-Yves Cloutier

Co-President / Founder

Known for his vision and his super contageous energy, Louis generates an impressive quantity of ideas every day to help his clients surpass their objectives. In short, he developed solutions to 360 degrees… without ever running in a circle! #ihaveanidea

Daniel Martin

Co-President / Founder

Pioneer of mobile technology, his unrivalled business and technical knowledge is what sets Daniel apart from the rest. His mantra ‘’Keep smiling’’ demonstrates his ability to meet any challenge. Expert team captain, Daniel can uncover that little something special in everyone he meets. #keepsmiling

Jean-Christian Labonté

Consulting team leader

A real car fanatic, Jean-Christian’s motivation comes from always wanting to overachieve. After spending most days on the road, cooking for his loved-ones completes his weekends. Jean-Christian works hard on building ConsultantAuto360 as the leader in the automotive industry, allowing his clients to improve their level of performance. #ReceipeforSuccess

Patrick Dubois

General Manager, Humanify 360

Ambitious visionary on the lookout, Patrick seeks to revolutionize recruitment as we know it. This true chameleon, he scours the web in search of the ideal individual to join your team. #iwanttoknowyou

Marc-André Allaire

Media Director

Passionate about everything web and mainly digital advertising, Marc-André is at the forefront of trends to identify potential consumers. For him, it’s like playing hide-and-seek… on the infinite territory of the Net! Don’t think for a second you can escape him: Marc-André will target you, no matter where you are! #welcometothefuture

Jean-Gabriel Philippe

Team Lead – Development / Software Engineer

Always looking for new challenges and technologies, Jean-Gabriel acquired many years of experience in system architecture, quality software development and project management. With his fresh startup mentality, all projects are feasible. #letsdothis

Paul Jobson

Senior Consultant

Settled by the sea, Paul knows how to advise his customers with the same calm that overwhelms him when he looks out at the ocean. With his extensive experience in the automotive field, Paul is constantly looking for new solutions for his customers. #OceanOfSolutions

Sandra Blondeau

Senior Graphic Designer

Creator from the heart, imagination governs Sandra’s world… She sees stories where we only see simple clouds. In love with TV ads, Sandra knows better than anyone how to sell her ideas! #imagine

Alke Eccleston

HR Advisor, Humanify 360

German quality, English sense of humour and Canadian joie de vivre. Alke brings of all worlds to her passion for HR. She believes in efficient and innovative business processes that always puts employees’ professional development and happiness first. #enjoy

Brittany Wroblewski

Online Community Manager

A real go-getter and always ready for a new challenge, Brittany is a people person who enjoys working as a team. Passionate about social media marketing and communication, Brittany believes happiness is the key to success. #dowhatyoulove